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Sheet Metal Fabrication

Did you know? Introduced in the 1950’s the sheet metal roof was originally very popular with commercial and industrial applications because they typically need less repairs and have a much longer life than traditional shingle roofs. Sheet metal roofs are much more durable than other traditional roofing applications, extending the time between re-roofs. Another key reason for using sheet metal roofs is that they are fireproof making it a much safer alternative to other more flammable types of materials that can potentially spread fire.

In addition to the advantages of the material itself, sheet metal roofs are often easier and less costly to install than traditional roofs and are very lightweight. In certain applications they can also be more aesthetically pleasing.

There are also some limited down sides to sheet metal roofs including noise from rain is louder depending upon how the roof is installed and an ability for the sheet metal to be dented by heavy falling objects.

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